“The only way to do great work is to LOVE what you do”

The Designer

Brand Re’ Malhi goes after the Couturier Ms. Renuka Malhi who emerged as one of the great idiosyncratic talents in the world of Fashion. Re’ has redefined and re-sculpted unique sense of style for Modern Woman who desires for unequaled dressing. Re’ Malhi is an international brand that is based in New York City, which is specifically known for its Enchanting Silhouettes, Sumptuous Embroideries and luxurious Fabrics that bring a high profile piece to the wearer. The Brand specializes in Custom made Contemporary and Traditional clothing that is made keeping in mind the Occasion, Colors of the season/event, latest trends and most importantly the client physique. Details are discussed on de uno-a-uno basis while client’s ideas and opinions are cordially taken in to consideration to elaborate their dream outfit. The entire process from ordering to the fittings becomes a fascinating journey for anyone who works with Re’Malhi’s exclusive methods of creating Masterpieces.

“Somehow I end up giving a little RED in my creations, something we all desire for, It is Power and Sensuality”

Renuka believes that “Every outfit that she create has a style statement and depicts Confidence, Uniqueness, Elegance and Dignity, the qualities that every woman portrays in her personality” Re’ holds Master’s Degree in Literature and a Degree in Fashion Design as well as in Fashion Buying-Merchandising from various renowned institutes in New York and India, and Interior Design Programs (INIFD). Her passion for Textiles and Trends led her to follow her dream career in 2008 where she took a dare to make her Career change. She completed her Degree in FASHION DESIGN (New York) and began to materialize her keen desire to learn about different cultures and their fantasy dressing styles by working with World renowned Iconic brands like GUESS Dresses, Hawke and Co., Perceptions & Bridal World, NY.

Today Re’ is known to be specializing both in Contemporary and Traditional clothing that includes Western Bridal Gowns/Dresses, Party/Cocktail wear, Semi formal dresses, South Asian Traditional dresses and Prom Dresses.

Her extreme allure towards Arts and Crafts from childhood bagged her many recognized awards and prizes. With time her passion and bold personality unified and took her achievements to the Grand presentation caliber of Beauty Pageants where she achieved several titles, ample merits and recognition in the glitz and glamour world. The latest amongst them is MS. South Asian Queen USA 2013. Thereafter she received great opportunities to participate in several prestigious galas with many renowned organizations, TV channels, Radio and acted in few Short films as well.

“Everyday, Several times a day, I remind myself “You are not born to live an ordinary life….” – Re’ Malhi